When to Book a Luxury Tented Camp Tour in Uganda

A safari to Uganda  is a dream come true, its weather alone is amazing and one you can’t find anywhere in Africa. The country is blessed with so tenteedddmany attractions and among these includes the powerful mountain gorillas that are visited by thousands of visitors. The only way to enjoy your stay in Uganda is by organizing a tented camp safari. It’s only the way you will get closer to nature and enjoy lasting memories. This kind of safari is classy and comfortable.

Tented camps have been in existence since the times of the African explorers. These tents are beautifully designed on a wooden platform with a deck that offers you a wonderful view of the park. As you enjoy a cup of tea, you will see animals roaming around the camp.

Some tourist may fear to sleep in a tented camp with animals outside. But what you should know about these camps is that they have luxury up-market lodging facilities. They are carefully designed with a thatched grass roof, self contained and this brings out the African style. Solar power is the source of energy used; you are free to charge your gadgets. Truth be told, the encounter of an African safari in the wilderness beats all odds.

In my opinion, a tented camp is better than lodges. These are set up within the park and it’s the best way to enjoy Africa. The fact remains that they are expensive but if you can affordable, don’t miss out. These are often booked by people with luxury safaris in Uganda. If you may like the idea, you are kindly asked to book in advance. It’s a lifetime experience.

The food served at the camp is delicious and as you enjoy, you will spot animals getting closer to your tent but don’t panic. They are just welcoming visitors around the park. The tenting we are talking about is not like that of USA or UK, the experience right in Africa is real and can’t be found anywhere camp may comprise of about 5 to 10 luxury tents. You feel the intimacy right at the door step. The ambiance is amazing and this puts you in mood of enjoying an African safari.