What You Should Know When Tracking gorillas In Bwindi.

Tracking gorillas in Uganda is like a dream come true. You are well assured of seeing them in large numbers. Although when people think about the much money paid, they get scared and wonder whether its worth. Those that have got the chance to track the gorillas bear me witness that the experience is unforgettable. Gorilla permits in Uganda costs 500 Usd compared to that of Rwanda that costs Usd 750. The fee for  a Ugandan permit  includes your safety,  conservation of the mountain gorillas, paying the stuff of Uganda Wildlife Authority, pays for the habituation of gorillas and  the local communities receive part of the money as a way of encouraging them  not endanger the gorillas.

You strictly spend one hour with gorillas.
You may look at this time to be so limited but the actual truth is that the one hour is enough to enjoy the company of the gorillas. It’s a magical moment that will give you great experience. Surprisingly you track for almost 8 hours but all this is so adventurous as you come along other primates and bird species. Kindly note that mountain gorillas can’t be seen in zoo. In such places, they can’t survive because they are born free and can only be discovered in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Because they are close to human beings, they also have their daily activities to be done and that is why you are only given one hour which is amazing to all visitors that have tracked the gorillas.

Diseases such as a sore throat or cold may stop you from seeing the gorillas. These gorillas are prone to human diseases therefore you are kindly asked to treat yourself prior to tracking the gorillas. Just in case you catch a cold or get diarrhea the morning before tracking the gorillas, you may be stopped and the money is refunded. Gorilla doctors are always checking the health of these gorillas, their prayer is to see them health and happy. Therefore the rules set are strictly observed to protect the great mountain gorillas.

The whole experience is so adventurous and you can’t imagine yourself in the rainforest in search for gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one beautiful forest you may not want to miss; the hikes alone are mesmerizing as you see thousands of butterflies, amazing bird species as well as other primates. It’s an 8 hours hike but rewarding as you get a closer look at the gorillas. Since Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is under the UNESCO World Heritage site, this has given support to the local communities among whom work as porters and earn a living. For the elderly people, they may track the gorillas in Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There is a gorilla group called Rushegura that is easily located around the area. Some of these visit the nearby lodges although not often. Tracking gorillas during the dry season may not be so difficulty because the trails are not muddy and you can walk for some great hours. After tracking the gorillas, many people return to their lodges so tired although the experience is worth remembering.

The humidity is intolerable due to the fact that Bwindi’ s altitude ranges from 1,190 to 2,607 meters and   3,900 to 8,553ft above sea level. The highest altitude in the park is known as Rwamunyonyi hill located in the eastern part of the park. The lowest altitude is discovered in the northern part of the park where it gets too cold in the night. You may need a light jacket as you head out for your early morning gorilla track. The evenings are set up for camp fires and this act is offered by all lodges to their visitors. In the rooms, you are provided with warm water. The hikes are strenuous although no one has ever complained about the great encounter with the gorillas.

Imagine spotting a gorilla in your room, you may run crazy. But this shouldn’t worry you because these gorillas are habituated and so much used to Human beings. As they proceed with their movements, you sometimes visit lodges and in case you get a chance to see them, don’t panic just enjoy their presence and as you take pictures remember to take off the flash light. Silence must be observed because noise makes them react. If it gets closer to you, stay still and don’t push it away. It will move by its self without harming you .With all this said, it’s worth tracking gorillas in Uganda.