What to tip in Uganda and How much

A token of appreciation will surely put a smile on one’s face and still add a living to his or her family. In the tourism sector, tipping a drive  guide or waitress will definitely motivate them to provide better services.

Get to know the truth at the rear of the waitress who has to keep a smile to make your stay comfortable. Life in Uganda is not simple and yet one has to survive in whichever way. That person you will meet at the lodge does a lot of work to ensure you get the best and yet earns little money. If you gave her an awesome tip, it would greatly contribute so much to his income. Many of them do these kinds of jobs not because they want but that’s what is available. The major problem faced by Ugandan waitresses or waiters is because there is no minimum wage, business owners often determine the amount of money to give to workers. Such people work for longer hours and throughout the week.

The only benefits they get are may be transport to and from home, and lunch. Therefore a tip from your kind heart will make a difference in their lives. Americans usually tip from 10 to 20 Usd and if you did the same for any Ugandan, you will feel happy putting a smile on someone’s face.

While at a hotel, you may pay a fee for your clothes to be ironed and washed. However if you went an extra mile of tipping, you may get excellent services. You may become an ambassador of your country if you did this act and greatly be appreciated by the Ugandans. They will always refer to that Country as having generous people. Through tipping, all your people may be treated well once they come in Uganda. If you get a chance and meet the person that tipped, you may certainly greet him with a warm welcome. You will be favored as you enjoy your stay.
Most tourists wonder how much they ought to give driver guides, 5 Usd per day would be a fair deal. Truth be told they do a great job and need to be appreciated. However any amount of money will make them happy as they ensure your safety on the safari. Be as generous as you can as you plan your safari to the pearl of Africa. This is because people are hospitable and always happy to see visitors.