Vegetarians can travel to Uganda

As you prepare for your safari to Uganda, it’s important to notify the agency whether you are vegetarian or not. It helps them to advise the lodges accordingly depending on what their clients wish to eat and not. Some vegetarians think they can’t survive in Uganda but the truth touristsis, is more to enjoy right from fruits to vegetables that are harvested right from the garden. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, Uganda is one blessed country that you may not want to leave once you visit. Even vegetables that are hard to get such as cauliflower and broccoli are grown although at a small scale. Make sure you enjoy a delicious dish of mushroom sauce, these are unique compared to the ones you have at home. Whatever you think of eating, you will be served by our friendly staff at the lodge.

Surprisingly any restaurant you visit, a vegetarian dish can be fixed within no time. We have Indian and Chinese restaurants that cater for vegetarians and these are in plenty. Due to the delicious dishes served, some visitors want to learn how these are prepared. Our chefs are friendly and would be glad to give all the recipes. Food enhancers are available to make your meal tasty and this can go on until you end your safari. You will discover that many Ugandans feed on vegetables and this is because the cost of beef is expensive and majority can’t afford. If you love beans, these are in plenty and always well prepared.

For breakfast, you are served with a beautiful platter of fruits and these include pineapple, watermelon, mangoes, bananas and many other. You are well assured of good of health while on your stay in Uganda. Fruits and vegetables are in plenty and easily accessed. Therefore whether you are vegan or not, you will be served food of your choice. Its time you planned your trip to Uganda and experience its diversity.