Uganda Tourist Visa and where to get it

Entebbe International Airport is the best place to purchase your Uganda Tourist Visa. The process is quick, easy and within no time you have your visa. All you have to do is to pay Usd 50 and fill up an entrance form. The next step will be to welcome you to Uganda the pearl of Africa.
Some people wonder why they can’t access visas from the Ugandan Embassy of their Country. This is because the process is expensive and involves paying overnight as well as express postal service. This may end up increasing the price of the Visa and yet it costs less on your arrival at the airport.

Fortunately no passport photos are needed and this saves time. The forms to fill in are less and this activity is done once you land at the airport. Just in case you are rejected, don’t get worried because this can be sorted within no minute. All you need is to present your Passport and pay 50 Usd for your visa, remember to carry your yellow fever certificate. The queues at the Immigration are not so long even then, it moves faster.  The tourist visas have added a lot of income to our Ugandan economy. So many people have got jobs in the tourism sector.  As you plan your safari to Uganda, obtaining a visa should not worry because these are acquired on arrival at the airport. Enjoy your flight to the Pearl of Africa.