Uganda Tourism Association Appoints new Leadership

Information got from this weekend, although vague; talk of Herbert Byaruhanga founder of the Uganda Safari Guide Associations (USAGA) in addition to the Uganda Bird Guide Association, having been designated to the office of president of Uganda Tourism Association (UTA), atop body for the many tourism trade associations in Uganda. He alleged that this slow yet sure idea is operating at UTA.Currently a new leadership has been noticed. He said that he has a lot of work ahead of him but assured to work with tour operators for the success of the tourism industry.

The Uganda Safari Guide Association, in its upcoming phases ignored by various tour operators over  dreads for  demand for reasonable reimbursement   for the guides’ services however still for having to work with them on  fair terms, ultimately received sufficient votes from the UTA board to select them to membership, sustained at the time by this predecessor who headed the UTA as the president  from 2000 to 2007. USAGA reacted  to the admission  as well as the ranks of UTA by reimbursing the tourism sector through professionalizing guiding services, guide training and forming a formal guide certification process, which has raised standards and now in position to compared with other tourism countries.

Byaruhanga  was acknowledged to be the first  tour operator  who publicly spoke about the tourism industry and how change was needed at UTA.He worked with his colleagues and peers to have this put in place and that’s when his operation come into operation. Herbert, we wish you the best as you take over office.