Uganda is safe and secure for Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi

Due to the fact that Rwanda’s gorilla permits cost Usd 750, Uganda stands out to be the best destination for gorilla tracking. A permit costs Usd 500 and you are well assured of seeing the powerful mountain gorillas. Because of the 50% that was increased on Rwanda’s permits, these have reduced the number of tourists that visit the Country. Imagine saving 250 Usd over Rwanda. If you are budget traveler, Uganda will embrace you as you enjoy your stay.

Besides Rwanda, other countries that have gorillas include Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Whereas Rwanda’s action to increase their gorilla permits looks not realistic, choice of tracking gorillas there depends on the tourist. Congo is safe for gorilla tracking since there are conflicts; these gorillas tend to migrate to other neighboring countries.

Why surely one ought to track gorillas in Uganda is because the permit costs 500usd and not 750 usd. Since organizing a safari to Uganda is budget friendly, many people have opted to see gorillas in Uganda and not Rwanda. The lodges are strategically located overlooking the impenetrable forest. Having a night at any lodge in Bwindi will bring you closer to nature. Many lodges in Rwanda are distant from the park which may not give you a feeling of a true wilderness. Besides the gorillas in Bwindi, you may engage in other activities such as taking a village or nature walk. You may decide to visit Lake Bunyonyi and enjoy its serenity. Golden monkey tracking can be done at a cost of Usd 50 compared to that of Rwanda. Other places to visit include Queen Elizabeth Park where you will get a chance to see tree climbing lions and lots of other wildlife. Chimpanzees and other primates are found in Kyambura Gorge.

A question that tourists often ask is how safe is it to track gorillas in Uganda? Truth be told, Uganda is one country where you will feel safari while tracking gorillas. It’s politically stable and the people are friendly to make your stay comfortable. Uganda has 10 habituated gorilla family groups of which 9 are found in bwindi Impenetrable Forest and one in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. However this one group keeps migrating from Uganda to Rwanda and Congo, its one group of gorillas that can’t be easily seen.

The mountain gorillas contribute greatly to the economy of Uganda, therefore the country’s safety is seriously cautioned. Only 8 visitors are allowed per gorilla group and at the end of the day, Wildlife Authority earns approximately 36,000Usd.The local communities receive 20% of the income goes to construction of infrastructure, schools and roads. Other projects that benefit include the nature and village walks, birding, handmade crafts, bicycle rides and the tour operators that benefit from Tourists. Therefore all people are concerned about the well-being of gorillas.

Bodies involved in the safety of the Mountain gorillas include the Government of Uganda, Ministry of Tourism, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Tour operators and Lodges as well as the local communities. Lodges are guarded and as you go to track the gorillas, you are escorted by an armed man. Book your gorilla safari today knowing that Uganda is safe and secure. The experience is magical and for a lifetime.