Travel information and Tips for your stay in Uganda

Traveling is such a great experience although stressful when you are ill informed about what to expect in a particular country. Africa is quite different from other continents and as you prepare to visit any country, endeavor to have sufficient information. A said word in your country of origin may mean something different in Africa. Luckily enough as you plan to visit Uganda, below are the travel tips and advice that will make your tour successful and worth remembering.

Visiting Uganda is a life changing encounter and that is why it’s called the pearl of Africa. Even if you come as a business traveler, volunteer, tourist or to attend a conference, a foot on our soils will be amazing. It’s all green and the people are so friendly to make your stay comfortable. Uganda has a lot to offer and all you have to do is to follow the travel tips that will make you enjoy your Journey.

Information on the Uganda Tourist Visa:
The good news about the Uganda tourist visa is that it’s easy to access once you land at Entebbe International Airport. It costs Usd 50 and at the entrance, you are given a form to fill in which takes a short time. Passport photos are not required at the entrance. Thus the whole process is simple and within no time you are welcome to the pearl of Africa.

The best way to use money in Uganda:
This is quite sensitive and the best advice regarding money use in Uganda involves money safety and security. Uganda as well as other East African countries are known as cash founded societies where the Us dollar controls the currency of preference. The use of credit cards is scarce and yet traveler cheques are not allowed. In Uganda, all you need is cash to have your business transacted although people are getting used to credit card payments that is now becoming easy for tourists. You must as well know the current exchange rate for Us dollar into Uganda shillings to enable you the transactions made and how much you are likely to spend.

The easy way to access transport in Uganda
You are may be lucky and you get someone to pick you from the airport. If you book with Wild Whispers Africa, we pick our guests and transfer them to their preferred lodge or hotel. Some hotels offer such services to clients and it’s done free of charge. Just in case you land at the airport and you look strangled with no one to take you home, you may hire a tax and this costs around 40 to 50 Usd depending on your negotiation skills. Self drive is not recommended because of the busy Ugandan roads along with its heavy traffic. But all this will be exciting as you delight in the pearl of Africa.

Where to Stay In Uganda
Just because a certain president of a certain country stay in a hotel, doesn’t make it the best compared to others. Uganda has so many hotels and lodges that are built within the city. Many of these range from luxury, moderate and budget. Therefore depending on your choice and money, you will get something that will can your stay comfortable. Ideally you may ask a tour agent for instance Wild Whispers Africa to choose for you the best and still book the hotel under your names. Majority of them have excellent services and facilities to enable you delight in your stay. The stuff is friendly and welcoming, always ready to serve your needs.

Tipping in Uganda:
So many tourists often ask this question of how much tip should one give. Giving comes from the heart and so there is not estimated amount of money that should be given. All this will depend on how happy you are with the services offered be it a drive guide or waitress at the lodge. Tipping someone for the good work done motivates them and they always aim at offering excellent services. When it comes to your well-being, they will ensure you are safe more so in the country you are visiting your first time.

Security in Uganda
Uganda is politically stable and one country you will enjoy your stay. The first question that comes to traveler’s minds is how safe is the country. Truth be told Uganda is one destination that is peaceful and has tight security. You will see people moving freely around town without any problem. They are too proud of their country and that is why it’s the pearl of Africa. Some woman fear traveling alone but   Wild Whispers Africa assures you safety and comfort once you come to Uganda.

Accessibility to Internet
Once you are in Uganda, you can’t fail to access to internet, there are so many internet cafés and their rates are low. Just in case you have personal work you would love to do on your laptop, you purchase an MTN  sim card and load air time. Within no time you will be able to access internet. It may not be too fast but will work for you.

Uganda’s Culture
Besides the primates, birds and wildlife, Uganda is also well known for its diverse culture. The people are friendly and welcoming to make your stay comfortable. Prior to visiting Uganda, its more appropriate to have some brief information about Ugandan culture and their ways of life. The children are as well amazing and these ones are always happy to entertain you. These are some of the features that make Uganda the pearl of Africa.