Travel Information about Malaria in Uganda

As you all know Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa. What makes it the best tourist destination is because of its natural beauty that includes wildlife, primates, bird species and many others. Majority of tourists come to Uganda to see the mountain gorillas and so there are preventive measures they ought to take note of. Africa as a continent is prominent for being a home of mosquitoes and these carry a virus called malaria. As you plan your safari to Uganda, get some information that may prevent you from getting the disease. If you got malaria while in Uganda, this would jeopardize your tour.

As you approach the days of your safari, you are requested to take anti malaria tablets. This is a must and it would be more appropriate if you visited your doctor at home and get proper prescription on how best to use the drug. The most effective although expensive is called Malarone. Alternatively you may buy doxycycline which is cheaper but with side effects such as sun burns which necessitate you to put on long sleeved shirts and a hat.

Since Uganda has many mosquitoes, you may purchase a genuine mosquito repellent from your home country. Prior to this, read the instruction and ensure that it contains utmost 20% DEET.The best time to apply this spray is always in the evenings and night. The most recommended mosquito repellent is called RID and this made from Australia. Its advantage is that it prevents both tsetse flies and mosquitoes.
Mosquito Nets are provided in hotels and lodges in national parks therefore you are asked not to carry. The rooms are often sprayed by a strong effective product called DOOM and this is done as guests enjoy your dinner. The nets are treated with no room for any mosquito. Citronella candles also chase away mosquitoes and are easily accessed in many supermarkets.

As it approaches to evening, you are requested to wear long sleeved shirts and trousers. During this time, the mosquitoes are so active. Neutral colors are the best where as dark colors draw mosquitoes. The best way to prevent these mosquitoes as you enjoy your evening is to spray the clothes before wearing them.

You are kindly requested to turn off your lights as you leave your room; this is because light attracts mosquitoes and other insects.  Products such as deodorants, colognes and perfumes attract mosquitoes. These must be avoided as you plan for your safari to Africa. Take note that there are so many factors that cause malaria and it’s a deadly disease. Although when you look at Ugandans, they are so used with the side effects and careless. You will be surprised to hear that some Ugandans don’t sleep under mosquitoes and yet Malaria is a big threat in Uganda. You may be wondering how these mosquitoes can follow you; this is because they smell blood from a far. However the one that transmits malaria is the female mosquito and you are asked to take precaution prior to your safari.