The Road to Semlike National Park is in Operation, a plus for Tourists.

Semliki national park is another tourist attraction not to miss out visiting in Uganda. It’s a famous home for various species of birds and some of them are unique and difficult to discover anywhere in East Africa. It has wildlife and primates that you are well assured of seeing. roadsss5Adventure with the chimpanzees in the wildness. Before tourists never visited this park due to the bad road but the good news today is that the road from Fort Portal, situated northeastern part of the Mountain Rwenzori to Semliki along with Congo border has be worked on.
Information from the Uganda Wildlife Authority states that 90 percent of the road is now complete thus easy accessibility to Semlike game reserve. Having a night at Semliki safari lodge, will bring you closer to nature. It’s strategically located overlooking the rift valley to the shores of Lake Albert. The remaining part is to be finished before the year ends.

The amount of money used on this road is estimated to be 170 billion Uganda shillings. Although some of the money was got through loans in the African Development Bank. The aim was to promote the areas rich in natural resources and also motivate farmers to grow crops. The dream of the Tourism stakeholders is to see all roads that lead to different national parks worked on. This attracts tourists to take up round tours in all parks without returning back to Kampala. The Kisoro road is seriously being worked on and this easily connects to Semliki National park. Before the journey was long and quite difficult to access due to the poor roads. Imagine a connection from Fort Portal to Hoima, Hoima to Masindi leading to Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale and Semliki and an entire safari is completed with no returns. Another important road that would easily connect from Katunguru to Ishasha and then Bwindi to track gorillas ought to be worked on in the shortest period. The money has been allocated and all is set to improve on Ugandan Roads. It’s the best way we can increase on the number of tourists that visit Uganda, the pearl of Africa, without a doubt.