Tailor made luxury safaris in Uganda

In the past, safaris were organized depending on the tour operator. Today travelers prefer private safaris that are tailor made and out of ordinary. Leave alone the brochures that just have mere information, a safari must be based on what a client wants to see and do at his or her own leisure time.Tourists hate itineraries that are static, and so they prefer changes to be made where necessary. Travelers that come to Africa have prior information about different safari packages as well as accommodation. They have the right to chose what will suit them depending on their budget. All they look at as they plan their safari to Uganda is to have an adventurous time.

Many websites have beautiful itineraries but truth be told, that’s where it ends. If contacted, they may fail to provide you with best services. We at Wild Whispers Africa are a tour company in Uganda that offers designer safaris to clients. Our aim is to ensure that our clients get their dream safari in Uganda. This requires a lot of work but we derive our satisfaction from the client’s happiness. Depending on what you want, our company offers budget, moderate and luxury safaris. If you have lots of money and want style and comfort, you may opt for a luxury safari. This involves a luxury 4 wheel drive vehicle, excellent accommodation with delicious meals, amazing facilities and friendly staff. You will appreciate the Uganda is actually the pearl of Africa.

Putting together a designer luxury safari will give you more satisfaction.You can include anything you have dreamt of seeing in Uganda to make it a memorable experience. Uganda has so many attractions and so you may have all included in your itinerary and these; gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, hiking the impenetrable forest, game viewing, white water rafting, bird watching, mountain climbing and many others. With all this well organized, we can make your dream come true in Uganda.