8 Day Uganda Gorilla,Wildlife & Chimpanzee Safari

Day One: Have breakfast and leave Kampala for the first game park Lake Mburo. It’s known to be the smallest park and yet one of the Hhhhhmagnificent ones. Five lakes charm its boundary with a number of bird species and animals to be seen. The journey is surrounded by a beautiful countryside that will make it interesting. The vehicle can be stopped at any time in case you see something exciting or you may want to take photos. We arrive and check in to your desired lodge, these ranges from super luxury, luxury, moderate and budget. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the park. Have lunch as you spot animals like the antelopes, waterbucks, zebras roaming around the vicinity.

Super Luxury Accommodation:Mihingo
Luxury Accommodation:Mantana Tented Camp
Moderate Accommodation:Arcadia Cottages

You will surely appreciate that Africa is gifted as you enjoy the true wilderness. In the afternoon, we get ready for the boat cruise around the lake. This is breathtaking as you see large concentrations of hippos thrashing the water, crocodiles basking in the sun, Zebras on the shores, Buffaloes coming for water, different kinds of bird species making their sounds and many other animals.
Right after your boat ride, you relax and later set off for an evening game drive through the green vegetation that is a home to many kinds of animals for instance buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, waterbucks, warthogs and bird species. You will enjoy seeing the sunset which is rare to find in any area. Remember to have a camera that will remind you of a wonderful safari you had in Uganda. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Day Two: Very early in the morning, have breakfast and drive off to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest . Along the journey, you will enjoy chimpseeing the hills of Kabale. These will leave you mesmerized and wondering how people cultivate up to the top of the hills. The vehicle can be stopped at anytime to take some memorable pictures. We arrive and check in to your desired lodge. These range from super luxury, luxury, moderate and budget, however whichever range you opt for, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the impenetrable forest. As you have lunch, keep in mind that all meals are included on the price apart from drinks. As we are anxiously waiting to track the gorillas tomorrow, we may take a village walk in the afternoon. This involves visiting the Batwa people who are known as the pygmies. You will get a chance to know how they have managed to survive in this area and still learn their traditional ways and values. You will visit the women craft shop, community school, see how they make their local brew and have a chart with their traditional healer.Men, Women and Kids will be delighted to entertain you with their cultural dance, you will take pictures of them and make friends since Ugandans are hospitable. Believe me this will prepare you for a wonderful day tomorrow. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Budget Accommodation:Nshongi Gorilla Resort/Buhoma Community Rest Camp/Bwindi View Bandas
Moderate Accommodation:Wagtail Safari Camp/Lake Kitandara Tented Camp/Gift Of Nature Lodge/ Trekker’s Tavern Cottages/Buhoma Community Rest Camp
Luxury Accommodation:Gorilla Resort Lodge/Silverback Lodge/Buhoma Lodge/Gorilla Safari Lodge
Super Luxury Accommodation:Clouds Lodge/Mahogany Springs Lodge/Gorilla Forest Camp

Day Three: A warm breakfast at your lodge and proceed to the park’s headquarters for an orientation about gorilla tracking. You are split into groups depending on the one assigned, you move into the forest. Bwindi has about 9 gorilla families that are  habituated and among these include Rushegura, Kahungye, Nkuringo, Mubare, Bitukura, Nshongi, Habinyanja, Oruzogo and Kyaguriro. You are guided by a ranger and gorilla tracking takes about 8 hours or less. You are advised to carry sturdy shoes that will not inconvenience you. Hiking through the dense forest will enable you see primates, mammals, butterflies, bird species, fauna and flora. Some level of physical fitness is required and just in case you get tired, there are porters who can carry you at a fee. Coming face to face with the gorillas is spectacular; you are advised to leave a distance of 5 meters as you catch a glance at the gorillas. You will see them do their daily routine work; mothers feeding their young ones, some playing and others resting. As you take pictures, make sure the flash light is turned off and silence must be observed. Children below the age of 15 are not allowed to track the gorillas. Elderly people that would wish to track the gorillas may track the Rushegure group that is easily accessible around the forest. Enjoy a lifetime experience on your safari in Uganda. Return to your lodge and have dinner while you reflect on the beautiful day you had.

Day  Four: Enjoy an early morning breakfast and check out of the lodge. Our next destination is Queen Elizabeth National Park. As you Best timeapproach the park, you will feel the weather change to what you haven’t been experiencing before. At this point, you will be welcomed by must see animals like large numbers of elephants, antelopes, warthogs and bird species. Your Adventure starts right from the entrance. We arrive and check in to your preferred lodge. Lunch is served and after relax by the pool side before doing any activity. After enjoying the environment and the cool breeze, we take an amazing boat cruise on Kazinga channel; it connects Lake George and Lake Edward. It’s acknowledged to have large concentration of hippos than any other region in Africa. While on the cruise with your camera, you will see crocodiles basking in the sun, birds staging along the shores, elephants and buffaloes drinking and other animals seen at a distance. With this kind of sightseeing, you will be pleased about Uganda being the Pearl of Africa. Return to your lodge and get ready for a tasteful dinner as you will still see animals around the vicinity.

Budget Accommodation:Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp/Mweya Hostel
Moderate Accommodation:Simba Safari Camp/Ihamba Safari Lodge/Bush Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:Kyambura Game Lodge/Mweya Safari Lodge/Katara Lodge

Day Five: Delight in an early morning breakfast and set off for a three hour game drive. This activity is done in the morning to give you a chance to see early risers and those retiring to go to sleep. The experience is breathtaking as you will come along a large group of buffaloes and some that were isolated and look frustrated with life. As you continue with the drive, you will see a family of lions resting and other animals like antelopes, waterbucks, warthogs, leopards, monkeys and different kinds of bird species.
As we conclude our game drive with beautiful memories, we go for lunch at our lodging facility. After lunch, we take an afternoon of relaxing and later on set out for the second time game drive. During this time you get an opportunity to see animals that you failed to see in the morning, you will enjoy a good view of the volcanic lakes that are seen in the shadows of the Rwenzori Mountains. You will find it amazing and worth your safari. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest as you hear sounds of birds and animals break the still of the night in the park.

Day Six : We take our last breakfast at Queen Elizabeth National Park and our journey begins to Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzee tracking . It’s a rainforest acknowledged to have about 13 species of primates that are rare to discover in East Africa. A beautiful drive through the fabulous countryside of the region with various features to see. You will actually feel the change in the weather as you approach the Rwenzoria Mountains. This will be fulfilling for your tour to Kibale.We arrive and check in your preferred lodge. These range from super luxury, luxury, moderate and budget however whichever you decide to take, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the wilderness. Have dinner at your lodge and head out for the nocturnal walk which is optional, this is the only time  to see the bush babies and potto that are rare to see during day. Other animals will definitely be seen roaming around the park. Return to your lodge and rest to the beautiful sounds made by various species of birds in the jungle.

Budget Accommodation:Ruwenzori View Guest House/Chimpanzee Guest House
Moderate Accommodation:Chimp Nest Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:Primate Lodge/Ndali Lodge/Mountains of the Moon
Super Luxury Accommodation:Kyaninga Lodge

Day Seven: Here comes the long awaited day of chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park. We proceed to the park’s goriheadquarters for an orientation about tracking the chimpanzees. You are assigned a ranger who will take you through the forest, You will see other primates like baboons, Red Tailed Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys and Grey Cheeked Mangabey. The forest harbors close to 325 species of birds for example hornbill, colorful turacos and many others. You will enjoy a wonderful view of about 144 different types of butterflies. Other animals that are easily seen include the forest elephants, buffaloes and antelopes. Getting a closer look at the chimpanzees will be breathtaking and an experience for a lifetime. You will see chimpanzee families doing their daily routine and at this point, you are allowed to take pictures but remember to maintain silence. Return to your lodge for lunch and rest.

In the afternoon, we head out for a nature walk in Bigodi Swamp wetland. You will see about 135 bird species in the plita figs, papyrus as well as wild palms. Monkeys will be spotted in every corner and still get a chance to see the rare Sitatunga antelope. You may see some chimpanzees around the wetland and all this will be fabulous for your safari.

Day Eight:  Enjoy an exquisite breakfast at your lodge and drive off to Kampala. Have lunch along the way and arrive in Kampala late in the evening. Check in your hotel and if you have a flight, you proceed to the airport. If you still have time, you may enjoy an exciting nightlife in Kampala where the party never stops. You will dance to the sounds of African music and make friends since Ugandans are known to be hospitable.Our guide will be available to drive you back to your lodge.