Packing List for Your Safari in Uganda.

As you prepare for your safari to Uganda, the word light must be seriously noted when it comes to what will you pack for your safari. This involves safari clothes as well as safari gear. Having a heavy suitcase may sometimes inconvenience you as you have to move from one lodge to another. Pack only necessary items that will make your safari interesting without you worrying about your luggage. A small bag may help carry your phones, camera, binocular and documents as you go for your nature walk, game drive, chimpanzee and gorilla tracking. Some people are not used to packing few items; they are sometimes addicted to certain items that are not needed for the safari.

Take your time as you plan for your Safari, kindly take note of the activities that you are to engage in and plan appropriately. There are a must pack items that you cannot leave behind and others that you may pack to donate to orphanages or schools. It’s very important to consider the weather or climate of Uganda before packing whether it’s a dry or wet season. It will give you a clear picture of what clothes will situate certain weather.

Safari Luggage
One thing you must keep in mind is the mobility of your luggage; suitcases with wheels may not be good for a safari. Duffel bags are more suitable. Keep it simple and small to enable you enjoy your safari

Safari clothing to Pack
Usually when it comes to packing for a safari, bright colors are not allowed, reason being they easily attract animals and may jeopardize your safari. Such colors are only worn when relaxing by the poolside at the lodge. Neutral colors are the best for your safari; they easily alert wildlife giving you a chance to see them closely without destruction. Colors to pack include green, tan, light-brown as well as khaki. Clothes to have on a safari include:

Trousers and the most recommended by Jeans, these must be neutral in color and light. They don’t easily get dirt and can be recycled many times. They are suitable for activities such as nature walks, gorilla and chimpanzee tracking.
Long –Sleeved shirts are usually good for any safari, they protect you from insects in addition to cuts from branches. Wrinkle free cotton clothes will make you feel comfortable

If you are a kind who likes shorts, these can be worn at the lodge, these are not good for a nature walk or even track gorillas. If you are to wear them at night, Endeavor to spray yourself with insect repellent.
A wide brimmed hat is a must for your safari; these will protect your neck and face from the scorching of sun of Uganda. Such hats can be bought in our craft shops.

Pajamas may be of use when in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where the nights are cold. These may provide you with warmth.
To pack swimming suits, this will depend on where you are going to sleep, its only luxury lodges that have pools. If you are to visit Lake Bunyonyi, you may swim in the free bilharzia lake.

A light rain jacket is another essential, this is because Uganda’s weather is unpredictable, it can decide to rain during the dry season. Places like Kibale Forest, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Rwenzori often receive rain-showers. This may ruin your hike or trek, therefore make sure you pack a jacket or a light sweater for evenings when it starts to get cold.

Shoes such as hiking boots, sandals, flip flops must be packed for your safari. The hiking boots are used when taking nature walks or tracking gorillas and chimpanzees. If you are on a game drive, sandals may be appropriate since you are not getting out of the vehicle. Flip flops can be used around the lodge. Avoid new shoes; they may hurt you on your hike.

There are safari necessities that you ought to have on your tour and these include; Insect repellent, Citronella soap, wipes and sun blocker cream. These must be in your first aid kit.

A good pair of polarized sunglasses may be needed for your tour; these protect you from the sun. Remember to have a bag of toiletries.
As you plan your safari, remember to carry malaria tablets. The most recommended is Malarone although expensive.Doxycycline is cheaper but with side effects.

Safari gadgets and equipments that you must have for your trip include camera with good lens, chargeable batteries, memory cards for your camera, binoculars and a safari journal. Pack only essentials and you have an adventurous safari in the pearl of Africa.