Gorilla Trip and Wildlife in Uganda, 11 days

Day 1: Kibale Forest: Uganda Primate and Wildlife Safari of 11 days start. A beautiful breakfast at your hotel or you are picked from Entebbe Adventure with the chimpanzees in Kibale Forest Park.Airport and drive off to Kibale forest. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area, the vehicle can be stopped at any time to take photos or see something at a closer range. We stop at Mubende for lunch and proceed to visit prehistoric 400 year old Nakayima Witch Tree. Some Ugandans believe that this tree has done for them great wonders; you will see them worshiping it. Our guide will tell you some brief history about this tree and how it came into existence. We arrive and check in to your desired lodge, these range from super luxury, luxury, moderate as well as budget. Some are built in the heart of the Forest and others are just surrounding the area. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the area.

Right after dinner, we set off for a nocturnal walk with a ranger, you will get an opportunity to see animals that can’t be seen during day and the commonly seen at night include potto, bush babies that have an amazing night cry, bird species and some wildlife. You may not take clear pictures but you will surely have good memories. Return to your lodge and rest.

Super Lxury Accommodation:Kyaninga Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:Mountains of the Moon/Ndali Lodge/Primate Lodge
Moderate Accommodation:Chimp Nest Lodge
Budget Accommodation:Chimpanzee Guest House/Rwennzoria View Guest House

Day 2: Kibale Forest: Have an early morning breakfast and get ready for an adventurous day in your life. With a ranger, we head out to track the chimpanzees. As we hike through the forest, we shall see other primates like Red Tailed Monkeys, Black and White Monkeys, Red Colobus Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Baboons, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, bird species and wildlife particularly the forest elephants. The forest is a home to so many butterflies; these will follow you as you walk through the forest. Coming face to face with the chimpanzees will be amazing, you will see them play, feed and others resting. You are allowed to take photos and so make sure your camera is fully charged. The encounter is quite breathtaking and memorable. Return to your lodge for lunch and rest

In the afternoon, we are off to visit the neighborhood Bigodi Swamp Wetland. This area is a home to over 136 different species of birds; they are easily spotted in the polita figs, wild palms as well as papyrus. Surprisingly you will see many monkeys and still observe the rare sitatunga antelope. You may as well discover some chimpanzees. Bird watching is best at this spot. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Day 3: Queen Elizabeth: A lovely breakfast at the lodge and check out. We proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park. As you say farewell to Take a game drive and see large numbers of elephants.Kibale, you will see some crater lakes and other features that make the area look stunning with a beautiful weather. It’s a four hours drive to reach at Queen Elizabeth and straight away have lunch. We check in to your desired lodge and these ranges from super luxury, luxury, moderate and budget. Be certain to enjoy a true wilderness of the park as you spot animals roaming around.
In the afternoon, we set off for the boat cruise on Kazinga Channel. This channel connects Lake George and Lake Edward. This is the perfect time to see large concentration of hippos thrashing the water, crocodiles basking in the sun, bird species, elephants and buffaloes coming for water, antelopes, waterbucks, Uganda kob, giraffes spotted at a distance as they graze. As you enjoy the cool breeze of the Nile, you will surely take great pictures. Spotting wildlife in water will be a great welcome to the park. Return to your lodge for dinner.

In the evening we proceed for the nocturnal wildlife drive that is optional, you will see animals that move at night. The ranger will drive you to the best corners where you can’t miss to spot animals like Hyenas, Leopards, nocturnal birds and Lions. You will enjoy the night drive and after return to your lodge and rest by the different sounds of birds and animals in the wilderness.

Luxury Accommodation:Katara Lodge/Mweya Safari Lodge/Kyambura Game Lodge
Moderate Accommodation:Bush Lodge/Ihamba Safari Lodge/Simba Safari Camp
Budget Accommodation:Mweya Hostel/Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp

Day 4: Queen Elizabeth Park: Right after your morning breakfast, we drive to Kyambura Gorge to track the chimpanzees. Maramagambo Forest in Queen Elizabeth has large population of chimpanzees although these are not habituated like those in Kyambura Gorge. Before spotting Chimpanzees, you will see other primates like Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Olive Baboons, Vervet Monkeys and Red Tailed Monkeys. Kyambura is a home to so many species of birds for example Blue Bellied Kingfisher, Black Bee Eater and many others.
Right after an adventurous moment with the Chimpanzees, we have our packed lunch and continue to Maramagambo Forest. You will still see primates along the walk, some chimpanzees and leopards at a distance. It’s a famous place for birdwatchers and the commonly seen include woodpeckers, sunbirds, Grenbuls and many others. Before dinner we take an afternoon game drive to see the magnificent crater lakes, you will see animals like buffaloes, giraffes, elephants resting around the crater and many bird species. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Day 5: Queen Elizabeth Park and Bwindi Forest: An exquisite morning breakfast and check out of the lodge. We set off for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest but prior to that, we take a game drive to spot the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha region of Queen Elizabeth National Take good photos of gorillas in their habitat.Park. They are always resting in trees to avoid heat and the bugs on the ground. Have our packed lunch and proceed to Bwindi.The journey is so interesting as you will see hills surrounding the countryside. We arrive and check in to your preferred lodge, these range from super luxury, Luxury, Moderate and Budget. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the Impenetrable forest. We head out for the hike on the three hour Munyaga waterfall trail; you will see many primates and birds along the river trail. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest as you prepare for an adventurous day of gorilla tracking.

Day 6: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: An early morning breakfast and proceed to the park’s headquarters for an orientation about gorilla tracking. You are given packed lunch because the trek may take 8hours or less depending on where the gorillas were the previous day. You are split into groups according to the one assigned and off you go with a Ranger. Bwindi has 9 gorilla family and these include Rushegura, Kyaguriro, Oruzogo, Habinyanja, Nshongi, Bitukura, Mubare, Nkuringo as well as Kahungye. Hiking the dense forest will give you a chance to see other primates, butterflies, bird species, fauna and flora. Some level of physical fitness is required and just in case you get tired, they are porters to carry you at a fee. As you approach the gorillas, you will feel thrilled. You are advised to keep a distance of 5 meters. You will see them do their daily routine work of playing, resting and the mothers feeding their young ones. Silence must be observed and as you take photos, remember to remove the flash flight. Children below the age of 15 are not allowed to track the gorillas .Elderly people who may wish to see the gorillas may track the Reshegura group, these are easily accessible around the forest. After having a wonderful time with the gorillas, we return to the headquarters.

Depending on the time, we may take a village walk to see the Batwa people who are known as pygmies. You will get so much information on how they have managed to survive in this area. Catching a glance at these local people will be fulfilling, you will visit their craft shops, community school and their traditional healer. They will entertain you with their cultural dance and sing as well. After having such a rewarding time with the Batwa, return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Super Luxury Accommodation:Gorilla Forest Camp/Mahogany Springs Lodge/Clouds Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:Gorilla Safari Lodge/Buhoma Lodge/Silverback Lodge
Moderate Accommodation:Lake Kitandara Tented Camp/Wagtail Safari Camp/Gift of Nature Lodge/Buhoma Community Rest Camp/Trekker’s Tavern
Budget Accommodation:Bwindi View Bandas/Buhoma Community Rest Camp/Nshongi Gorilla Resort

Day 7:  Mgahinga Gorilla National Park: A lovely morning breakfast and drive off to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. As you enjoy the drive, you will observe both the inactive and active volcanoes that will surely prepare you to see the golden monkeys. As you hike, you will come across other wildlife. Lake Mutanda is one amazing feature to visit while at the park. We arrive and check in to your desired lodge. Have lunch. In the afternoon, we set off the boat ride around Lake Mutanda to catch a glimpse at the beautiful volcanoes that surround the area. The silence of the lake is broken by the sights and sounds of animals and birds. In the evening, you will enjoy the sunset and take amazing photos. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Luxury Accommodation:Travelers’ Rest Hotel/Mgahinga Safari Lodge
Budget Accommodation:Mounta Gahinga Rest Camp

Day 8: Mgahinga Gorilla Park:  An early morning breakfast and proceed to the Park to track the golden monkeys. There are over 4000 of them Golden monkey tracking experience in Mgahinga Park.still in existence. The golden monkeys are easily described by their black tail, limbs, cheeks and their orange gold colored body that makes it look beautiful. After tracking the monkeys, have your packed lunch and continue to Rugezi Swamp. This place is a home to many bush pigs, forest elephants and different bird species for example Rwenzori Turaco,Western Green Tinker, Olive Woodpecker and many others. You will encounter a wonderful time with the golden monkeys.Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Day 9: Lake Mburo Park: Have breakfast and drive off to Lake Mburo National Park. It’s a perfect place to break the silence after visiting different kinds of parks in Uganda. We arrive and check in to your preferred lodge. Have lunch and get ready for the boat cruise on the lake, you will see large concentration of hippos thrashing the water, crocodiles basking in the sun,buffaloes,zebras,Impala,Eland and others will be seen at a distance grazing. The park is well known to be a home to over 315 species of birds and these include Bush Shrike, African Fin Foot and many others. Lake Mburo is a prolongation of the Tanzanian Plains into Uganda and its scattered acacia trees make the place look stunning and peaceful. Zebras are a must see when you visit this park. The commonly seen primates include baboons and vervet monkeys. Have dinner at your lodge and rest.

Super Luxury Accommodation:Mihingo Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:Mantana Tented Camp
Moderate Accommodation:Arcadia Cottages
Budget Accommodation:Rwonyo Camp

Day 10: Lake Mburo: An exquisite breakfast and off we go for the morning game drive. You will get a chance to see the early risers and those retiring to go to sleep. Among the animals to see include buffaloes, Impala, warthogs, Antelopes, Elands, zebras and species of birds. Lake Mburo used to have many lions but all these disappeared during the war and the pastoralists invaded the area. You will take great pictures and your safari will be memorable.

Discover Zebras in Lake Mburo National Park.After the game drive, we return to the lodge for lunch and check out .We drive off to Kampala. We stop over at the Equator to take some photos and visit the craft shops. The next stop over is at Buganda Royal Drum Makers, you may buy for self a souvenir. We arrive in the afternoon and check in your hotel. Have dinner and rest.

Luxury Accommodation:Imperial Resort Beach
Moderate Accommodation:Anderita Beach Hotel
Budget Accommodation:Golf View Inn

Day 11 Entebbe: An early morning breakfast and go to visit Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary situated on Lake Victoria. The easiest way to access this area is by taking a boat ride on Lake Victoria. The Island was established for the orphaned Chimpanzees.They are habituated and to feel more at home while on this Island. You will have a wonderful time with the chimpanzees and take good pictures. We have lunch and get back to Entebbe for either a night flight or rest as you wait for tomorrow. You may enjoy nightlife in Entebbe which is optional, at this place the party never ends. You will dance to the African music, drink and make friends as well. Our guide will be available to drive you  back to your hotel and prepare for your flight back home.