Diet And Eating Habits of the Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas often time feed on Foliage, about 150 various plants, whose shoots, leaves as well as stems are eaten, Gorillas like eating the eatingshoots during the rainy season because the bamboos are tender and green. The bamboo shoots contain 84% of water with an extra of trocatea, flowers, stems, roots, soft bamboo leaves, tsile’s leaves; urela cameronesis leaves as well as the dry season black berries that act as a delicacy for the mountain gorillas.

Their feeding habits depend on the current state in a specific group. Usually gorillas have three intervals of sleep right after each feeding. If they are in an area with plenty of food, they will feed and rest for longer moments. There is more movement if there is scarcity of food and during this time, it may be hard to easily spot the gorillas. During the rainy season, the mountain gorillas are dormant with less activity to do. The gorillas move from one place to another looking for food, sometimes plants and trees change with the weather. Adult mountain gorillas feed on about 60 pounds of vegetation daily.

Mountain Gorilla Breeding
When it comes to reproduction, mountain gorillas are quite slow and that’s why it’s called the endangered species. Females start sexual intercourse at the age of 7 or 8 although they don’t breed straight way until they make 10 years.Usually, because of the rivalry between males to get to the females, few males produce prior to the age of 15 years. When females conceive, they carry the pregnancy for 8 or 9 months and give birth to either twins or single baby. The younger ones are breast feed for three years and remember that females give birth after every four years.

Since the gorillas share a lot with humans, you will be surprised by the way the mother gorillas look after its younger one, their relationship and close bond created usually lasts for about 4 years. After the four years, the female can conceive again. A mother gorilla is acknowledged to have close to six babies with a time frame of four years. When the gorillas get to their sexual maturity, they want to move out of the group and form a new one as they mate with others.

The groups of these mountain gorillas usually consists of one or two adult males and these are known as the silverbacks. Members of the group include infants, juveniles, adult females as well as the blackbacks. The silverback is the leader and center of attraction during resting time, he settles conflicts and protects the group. There is a strong bond between the silverback and the adult females, the silverback always loves and plays with its offspring.

Normally when mountain gorilla females reach the age of 10 years, they start motherhood. Mother gorillas create a strong bond with their newborns as they hold them close to their chest. However with time, the infants do it on their own and hold tight on their mother’s back until they can move on their own. Young gorillas are quite amusing, they often climb lot and this helps them stabilize as they grow. A young gorilla starts with its mother until it makes 5 years, the newborn normally weigh close to 4 pounds and are tiny and weak. They have stages in movements, they look more like the human infants. Their life is interesting to learn and an opportunity to see the gorillas will be a memorable adventure.