Reserve your luxury safari within your means

Uganda is surely a beautiful destination and as you plan your safari, make sure you travel in style and comfort. To some tourists, this may sound out of reach and yet affordable.To enjoy an African budget luxury safari, you need to plan in advance and the best time is during the low season. Without compromise, you will get the value for your money.
Booking such a luxury safari in Uganda will be memorable, among the things to enjoy include an expert drive guide who is so conversant and passionate about wildlife, 4 wheel drive vehicle with pop-up roof and the best accommodation to make your stay comfortable. Guides are always concerned about your well-being, safety and also endeavor to make your safari amazing.

Sometimes choosing a lodge may depend on the client’s wish but tour operator may as well opt for you something nice. This section is quite sensitive and many tourists tend to complain about the different lodging in parks. However to avoid this, book a luxury safari and all your worries will be put to rest. There is so much attention given to luxury clients and this is because they pay lots of money to have the best on their safari.

Many safaris organized by tour operators are private safari; this enables clients to have the best of their time without disturbance. It’s only the drive guide who is in charge and the staff at different lodges where you chose you stay. We work directly with the clients to have the safari booked and after handover to the driver guide to take good care of the clients. Many clients are so pleased with the work of the guides; they at times refer them to other clients.

Our marketing is basically done online and we depend on E-Tourism to get our clients. The different websites that sell safari packages are genuine. They offer enough information to have you book a safari in time without any inconveniences.You will be surprised to visit a tour company in Uganda; these are quite small and not too fancy. Reason is some work can be done at home since all you need is a laptop and internet. Our emphasis is putting on marketing Uganda since we have all the attractions. We may be forced to use Winston Churchill’s words of “concentrate on Uganda”. He believed that Uganda had what it takes to attract tourists all over the world, and the fact that it was called the pearl of Uganda meant so much to the African continent.

Whereas we are dealing in business, we aim at meeting our client’s needs since they pay lots of money to visit Uganda. As long as our clients are satisfied with our services, we are happy and this motivates to work hard. Wild Whispers Africa is proud to arrange for luxury safaris to Uganda and our aim is to offer the best. We would be glad to have as many tourists as possible to come and track the gorillas, it’s a lifetime experience that will leave you mesmerized and wondering how great God is, these creatures look more like human beings. Uganda is ranked on the National Geographic Best Destinations list for 2013.