Book a Luxury Safari in Uganda

When we talk about Luxury safaris, this scares tourist and yet on our side we simply mean offering private and exclusive tours. We desire to have you in control of your safari as you encounter the true wilderness of Africa. When people are planning to visit Africa, they worry a lot thinking that Africa is so unsafe and not the best continent to visit. However many that have visited Africa, have truly loved the continent. Since we get such clients, we would prefer them book luxury safaris where everything is excellent and up to the standards of the clients.

So many people travel from worldwide to come relax and feel away from home. This is already expensive and they have to book a luxury safari which is also costly. It’s the only way, you will feel comfortable and safe on your tour.Everything will be done for you right on time to enable you have a wonderful stay. Below are some of the reasons why we would prefer you book a luxury safari in Uganda.

You pay a lot of money but all is seen being put to use. The moment you arrive in Uganda, you are given special treatment. The vehicle and accommodation is excellent, since this involves visiting different national parks, you will be delighted by the services and facilities offered at the lodge. Some of these lodges are built within the park, getting you closer to nature. You see animals roaming around the lodge and you sleep by different sounds of birds in the wild.

With a luxury 4 wheel drive vehicle, pop up roof, you will enjoy the game drives at leisure. You are free to tell the guide to stop the vehicle and take the best shots of wildlife. You have all the time in the world to enjoy your safari without anyone rushing you. You will enjoy total privacy, its only you and the driver guide on safari. You have all the time to reflect as you enjoy the wonderful serenity of Uganda.

The guides are professionals and aim at making your safari memorable. They are well informed about their country and you are free to ask any questions about anything you wish to know. Customer care and safe driving is ganrantee.They are friendly and by the time you finish your safari, you will be great friends.

People worry so much about accommodation and yet this is something so simple. Luxury lodges are easy to choose and your choice will surely matter on this case. These are carefully designed with an African touch to make you feel away from home. You may opt to sleep in a luxury tented camp, something you have never experienced and yet adventurous. Don’t be confused by prices, some lodges are too expensive and yet not too good. There are luxury lodges that are cheap and excellent. Tour operators can help chose the best accommodation at a negotiable price.

Truth be told, all these luxury accommodation offer excellent services and facilities. You will be pampered at all times by the staff that will ensure that you have an amazing stay in Uganda. And the fact that Ugandans are friendly and welcoming; you will be delighted by their warmth and love. The meals are delicious and well prepared to perfection. It’s always a blend of African and international cuisine, the bars are fully stocked with various drinks.

Lodges in parks have different settings and you will witness this on your tour. Don’t expect this to be a routine; you will be surprised by the way you will be treated when you visit Bwindi Impenetrable forest. All is amazing and unique. At some lodges in other parks, you will be welcomed by various animals and some seen at the poolside. To have a private luxury safari achieved or booked, you need to contact any tour operator (Wild Whispers Africa) in time to enable you have enriching and lasting memories. Endeavor to book with reliable tour agents who can allow you tailor make your own safari. Some agents from different countries may book for you a safari but all they care about is getting their commission without considering your interests. Before you book your safari, ask whether its private or group. There are people who prefer traveling alone and if they were joined by a group, this would inconvenience them. A luxury safari to Uganda is all you need to have a wonderful time.