Best Time of Year and Month to Visit Uganda

The frequently asked question by the tourist is when is the best time of the year to visit Uganda? Due to the fact that Uganda is blessed with a favorable climate, any time of year can be great for your visit. Its beautiful weather patterns make Uganda a year round travel destination. The temperatures differ regularly between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius. The nights are always cold. Truth be told, Africa’s climate is unpredictable and so you expect rains anytime. In general, East Africa receives rain twice a year and the short rains are during the month of October to November and the long rains during middle march and may.

You may prefer to know the best months to visit Uganda, these often depend although majority of tourists prefer May to September and December to February as the best time. If you are to travel during December, take note that it’s a busy month and lodging is always booked in time. This is the time when people take a holiday to go visit national parks and other interesting spots in Uganda. For Christmas and New year, you may miss out on accommodation. If you are planning to travel during this time of the year, kindly book in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

The best time to take a safari to Uganda is during the month of September and February, this is because there are few people visiting, the lodges not crowded and yet favorable month for any tour. Surprisingly, the rainy seasons are sometimes in irregular, with little or heavy rains and these are easily dried up when the sun set out. You may think it has not rained.

For the matter of fact, the rainy season does not necessarily mean no tourist will visit Uganda. What it takes to enjoy a safari during this time of the year is to have 4wheel drive vehicle that hold any condition. Fortunately parks are always open during the rainy seasons and you are free to visit chimpanzees, wildlife and the powerful mountain gorillas. The advantage during this time of the year is that rates for accommodation is low and gorilla permits are always on promotion from 500 Usd to 300 Usd.In my opinion, I prefer the rainy season because it’s enjoyable and gives you an opportunity to do most of the activities when relaxed. I can simply answer the question of best time of the year to visit Uganda is any time and that is why it was called the pearl of Africa.

Most times when people are thinking of traveling to Uganda, they often want to know the best months of the year to visit Uganda. Since Uganda is the pearl of Africa, many people would love to come and witness the natural beauty. Majority of people engage in safaris that include wildlife game drive, gorilla trekking bird watching, chimpanzee tracking, Honeymoon tours, Fishing trips, white water rafting as well as Family safari.

Despite the fact that Uganda is situated along the Equator, it has a favorable weather conducive all year around. Uganda’s climate is unpredictable with hot or humid in most parts of the country. For instance in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where gorillas tracked, it gets so cold and the lodge around provide camp fire more so in the evenings. But all this is adventurous as it makes you feel away from home.
In Africa, it rains sometimes and for Uganda in particularity receives most rain and that is why it’s called the pearl of Africa. Amazingly, it favors any crop and for that reason it’s an agricultural country. It often rains in early morning and late in the night, during the day, it’s all bright enabling people to do their work. When it’s too hot, some activities may become difficult to carry out.

Uganda is blessed with a year round conducive weather that welcomes all visitors worldwide. However there specific months of the year that are known as high season in the tourism sector and these are from December to March and June to September. During this time, it’s a dry season due to the varying weather patterns all around the year. Surprisingly you receive little rains midst the dry season.

Be it rain or sunshine, gorillas and chimpanzees are tracked all year around. These primates continue with their usual activities and they are easily seen. These primates are discovered in the rainforest where it can rain at anytime. You are advised to carry a rain jacket and some worm clothes just in case the weather changes.Uganda is proud of its holiday weather climate that favors all visitors.