Adventurous Areas in Bwindi for Gorilla Tracking

Bwindi Impenetrable forest is one ideal place you must visit when in Uganda. It’s a famous home for the great mountain gorillas. This prehistoric forest came into existence due to the relocation of the earth that formed the western rift. You may be wondering why of all names they called it Bwindi; this in the local lauguage of Bagika simply means darkness. A place that is fearful, difficult to trek and thus its name the Impenetrable Forest. It’s covered by canopies of trees that provide no room for light but all this adventurous. Furthermore, there is a river deep into the forest that is great for sightseeing. Fortunately the supernatural Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is not actually Impenetrable. You can track the mountain gorillas and it’s acknowledged to the best spot for tracking gorillas compared to Rwanda and Congo.

Mountain Gorillas are famous in this Impenetrable forest although there are other species discovered in plenty. There are over 310 species of butterflies recorded, 310 different types of trees with about 100 of luscious ferns and 346 various species of birds together with those that are only spotted in the western rift valley. This impenetrable forest is also a home to hundreds of primates such as Olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, L Hoests monkeys and many others. This unbelievable forest is a hub for the marvelous diversity enclosed by the beautifully terraced farmlands. The flora as well as Fauna discovered in this area makes it the best place for tracking the mountain gorillas.

Different areas to track gorillas from.
Ruhija Area: Ruhija area is another adventurous area to track mountain gorillas. It has two habituated gorilla groups and these include Oruzogo group that is recently added and Bitukura gorilla. If you are to track any of these groups, it’s important to book accommodation around the area. These range from luxury, moderate as well as budget. If you stay in buhoma and you are track in Ruhija, be ready to spend 2 hour’s drive on a rocky road before your great experience of tracking gorillas. Ruhija’s elevation ranges from 2350m and 1000m higher than Buhoma.This area is famous for bird watching, it has various species of birds that you can spot while tracking gorillas. Other activities include village walk to see the batwe people and support them. You may hike the waterfalls or take a guided walk to see Mubwindi swamp or perhaps the Bamboo trail that is surrounded by different types of vegetation. You may decide to relax as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of lake Bunyonyi along with the Impenetrable forest thus making it the best place for gorilla tracking.

Buhoma Area: Buhoma area has the lowest altitude in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It’s easier to track gorillas in this area than any other location. The accommodation is in plenty ranging from super luxury, luxury, moderate and budget. All these have an amazing view overlooking the impenetrable forest. Surprisingly some lodges are visited by gorillas which is so exciting. Buhoma area is well known for having three habituated gorilla groups and these include Rushegura group, Habinyanja group as well as Mubare group. Besides the gorillas, you can engage in other activities like taking a village walk to see the batwe people. This is an exciting group of people that have managed to survive in the impenetrable forest. You will learn about their culture and way of life which is adventurous. You can hike into Bwindi to see river munyagwa if not engage in village bike rides and all guided by a ranger. Whichever activity you engage into, all this simply amazing and worth remembering.

Nkuringo Area: Nkuringo area is quite strenuous although one place with beautiful sceneries of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. While tracking gorillas in this area, you are likely to burn lots of calories but in the end rewarding. The encounter is amazing as you track the Nkuringo group. You will have so much to tell when you go back home. Accommodation ranges from luxury, moderate and budget. All with magnificent views overlooking the impenetrable forest. Other activities that you may not to miss out include taking a village walk to see the pygmies; you will taste their local brew and visit their traditional healer. You may take a guided walk to the top to see the stunning views of Virunga Volcano making Bwindi one amazing place to visit for gorilla tracking.

Rushaga Area: Rushaga area is located in the southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It’s fairly new although with big groups of gorillas. Accommodation ranges from budget to up market depending on your choice. Rushaga area is a famous home for three habituated gorilla groups and these are; Nshongi group, Mishaya group as well as Kahungye group. The other two are recently added and these are Bweza group and Busingye gorilla group. They are believed to have split off from the Nshong and Kahungye gorilla group due to family problems. The dominant silverback Mishaya separated from Nshongi gorilla family thus starting its own group called Mishaya group found in Rushage area.”Friend a Gorilla” Campaign was part of the Nshongi Gorilla. It was an amazing event that was attended by important people that loved the growth of tourism. Besides tracking the gorillas in Rushaga area, you can go bird watching, hike the trails or take a village walk to see the batwa people. All this makes Bwindi an adventurous place for gorilla tracking.

So many travelers ask this question so frequently; when is the best time to visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and track gorillas. Have this in mind that Bwindi Impenetrable is a rainforest that is always covered with morning mist all throughout the year. Although the possibility of rain keeps increasing during the rainy seasons and these between April, May, October and November. All you have to do if you are interested in tracking gorillas, book your safari in advance with a reliable tour operator such as Wild Whispers Africa. This will involve purchasing gorilla permits in time and thus getting the most adventurous gorilla group to track. This also makes lodging easy giving you a chance to choose the best accommodation that will make your safari rewarding and memorable. Fortunately tracking gorillas doesn’t depend on any season; it’s done all year around. The rains received are not too heavy and these can’t stop you from tracking gorillas.When you visit Bwindi, it’s a guarantee that you will see the great mountain gorillas.

After tracking the gorillas in Bwindi, you may visit Lake Bunyonyi. It’s sceneries are amazing and are believed to have a clear view of the Lord of the Rings. Its one place to visit and enjoy the sights and sounds of bird species.As you procced to Queen Elizabeth National Park, you may visit the Ishasha Plains to see the tree climbing lions and lots of wildlife.You will be able to see the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon, and if you have time go for chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest.As you end your adventurous safari in Uganda,take note that Bwindi is the perfect place for gorilla tracking.