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Company Profile

Name of the company: Wild Whispers Africa
Address: Plot 19, Bukoto Street  Second Floor Kampala Uganda
Office Lines: +256 0312107945 or +256 0793503426
Email: info@wildwhispersafrica.com
Main website: www.wildwhispersafrica.com
Additional websites: www.ugandagorillasafari.net /rwandagorillasafari.net

Member of:
Association of Uganda Tour operators,
Uganda Tourism Board
African Travel and Tourism Association
Uganda Hotel Owners Association
Amalgamated African Tour Operators

Wild Whispers Africa was founded in 2009 by a group of three professional entrepreneurs. The aim was to improve the quality of tour operations in Uganda and the whole of East Africa. The company started with small resources, however over the years it advanced and now ranks among the top tour companies in East Africa.

The dream of Wild Whispers Africa is to build up a natively owned tour company with intercontinental joint ventures as well as associations that will work in the whole of East Africa. Wild Whispers Africa  offers first class tailor services to its customers and upholds the icon of Uganda as the best tourism destination in the world. Our long term vision is to set up lodges in different parts of Uganda.

The task of  Wild Whispers Africa is to offer exquisite tours, holidays and safari packages satisfying the client’s demands. It’s through excellent services and facilities provided to clients that make Uganda the best tourism destination. Wild Whispers Africa is flexible when it comes to organizing tours, they offer budget friendly costs to enable tourists get a chance to visit the pearl of Africa. Some of our packages are already made but we can adjacent according to our client’s needs. We still help our clients design their own tours with the assistance of our team.

Reliability, professionalism, care and commitment are the significant values that we attach to the success of Wild Whispers Africa. For all this while, our company has been offering quality services and at times based on discount rates. Other values that are so important to the company include convenience, excellent services, flexibility, innovation as well as community benefit.

Wild Whispers Africa tour packages as well as services are displayed in the Uganda Tourism Board that governs all the tour companies in Uganda. Our company operates with Ugandan Government bodies that include AUTO and UWA to ensure that quality services and facilities are offered to clients. The company is leading in marketing and our aim is to expand to other international countries.
In 2010, Wild Whispers Africa launched its website: www.wildwhispersafrica.com, which now attracts over 7,000 visitors in the whole world. As a fundamental service to our clients, we work 24 hours answering inquires right on time. Our website is often time updated by our webmaster to ensure that current information is uploaded.

Wild Whispers Africa has over 10 competent members and these include guides, drivers as well as office workers. Members are qualified with experience in the field of tourism. These speak various languages which include Swahili, Dutch, Germany, English and many others; this helps us manage our client’s demands with the language they understand better.

It’s well known that guides play an important role in our client’s tours, therefore the company ensures to employ one who has the experience and skill of handling our clients well. Our guides have worked for us for so many years and we guarantee that they will make your safari memorable. Due to the fact that some of them have worked as rangers with Uganda Wildlife Authority, they have sufficient knowledge about wildlife, primates, flora and fauna. Our guides are certified through the usual courses done with the Uganda Safari Guides Association, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Society and Uganda Bird Guides Club. Others have gone an extra mile of participating in projects and courses in Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Our company employees Japanese, Spanish and German guides, those in need of translators are offered on request.

The company offers vehicles that range from Land cruisers to Minibuses. Important to note is that all vehicles are 4WD, in good condition and with pop up roof for a wonderful game viewing. The tourism sector is faced with a problem of poor roads and so we ensure that all our safari vehicles are serviced prior to any trip. We limit the number of people that seat in these vehicles because we want everyone to enjoy the safari without any inconveniences. Each person must have a window seat to enable you get a good view of nature; luggage is stored separately for easy and comfort.

Cultural sightseeing in Uganda
Uganda is proud of its four important customary kingdoms and these include Busoga, Bunyoro, Toro as well as Buganda. Each has different values and beliefs that make it interesting to visit. These kingdoms offer a prospective market for cultural tourism. Wild Whispers Africa promotes cultural tourism for the economic development of Uganda.

Adventure excursions in Uganda

Wild Whispers Africa provides various adventurous tours to our clients and these include wild water rafting on the Nile, bungee jumping, mountaineering on Rwenzori Mountains and trekking the gorillas. Participating in any of these will be a great experience in your lifetime.

Recreation Vacations in Uganda
Clients who are in need of relaxation may opt for Ssese Islands and enjoy nature at its best. Lake Bunyonyi is another breathtaking place to visit for a holiday, you will participant in so many activities that will make your excursion memorable. Visiting the source of the Nile located in Jinja will be a dream come true for your holiday in Uganda.

Special interest Tours in Uganda
Apart from the standard safaris, Wild Whispers Africa provides extraordinary tours and theme packages such as tribal tours, homesteads, honeymoon offers as well as golf tours.

Other services
Presently, we provide an inclusive choice of harmonizing services to encourage our safari clients. These ranges from hotel bookings, airport transfers along with organizing for exhibitions and conferences.We ensure safety to all our clients and a wonderful stay in Uganda.